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Ripped Jeans Skinny

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Ripped Jeans Skinny

Skinny, flare, boot cut, straight cut, low rise, hipster, and so on are just some styles of ladies’ jeans available now in the market. There are also distressed, washed, torn, and ripped jeans that look sexy especially when worn by ladies. Aside from these choices, there are just so many things to consider when buying a pair of jeans which makes it difficult for the less-experienced to choose which pair suits her best. Does it make your short legs seem a lot longer? Does your flat bottom seem less flat? Will it look good when worn with your newly bought top and shoes? Can you still walk while wearing it?

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To top it all off, each and every woman has her own body type. Some styles of ladies’ jeans might look good on one body type but not the other. This article will help you choose the best jeans for your body type. Here are some things you need to remember.

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* Hourglass. For those lucky women who have been endowed with proportional shoulders and hips that cinch at the waist area, any style of ladies’ jeans will do. But if you really want to emphasize your curves, which most women want, you can wear those super low rise jeans that will show off your small waist or a pair of skinny jeans that will accentuate your full hips and lean legs.

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* Pear. If you have narrow shoulders with full hips and thighs, then this is your body type. To make your hips look a little less wide, you should wear dark washed ladies’ jeans. The legs also appear shorter because the thighs are plumper, so you might want to wear a pair of straight cut jeans that gives the illusion of longer legs. Also, if you do not want to look like a, well, pear, try to steer other people’s attention from your hips to other areas such as your legs by wearing boot cut jeans.

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* Apple. The opposite of pear shape body type, the apple body type has a narrow hips and broad shoulders. You might want to counter balance the wide area on the upper part of your body. To do this, wear a pair of ladies’ jeans that does not taper at the bottom part, unless you want to look like an inverted triangle wearing jeans. Boot cut or flared jeans are great because they make your body look proportion. Low rise jeans will also be flattering because you have slim hips.

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* Straight or Rectangle. As the name implies, this body type has no curves. This means that there is not much difference among the shoulders, waist, and hips, which makes the body look straight or like a vertical rectangle. To add curves to your body, wear something that also has curves such as boot cut or flared jeans. Avoid straight cut jeans.

Ladies jeans truly come in all shapes and sizes.

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