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Women’s Tops – Fashion Guide by Figure Type – Choose a Top

Choose a top that is going very well with your figure.

Women’s Top – one of the most remarkable things that has ever invented by humanity. They are so versatile that now it is possible to meet a woman in a top not only on the dance floor, but also on the street and in the office. Tops are perfectly compatible with virtually any clothes: jeans, skirts, pants, suits, etc. Oversized Tshirt Outfit Casual

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Some people think that it is enough to have just 3 types of Tops for every woman, which can be combined with various clothes and accessories, and, each time they will look in a new fashion, but also exquisite.

1. Casual Tops – is for shopping, trips out of town.

2. Formal style Tops – for work, mother-in-law visit, grandmother visit, birthday, etc.

3. Elegant Tops – for parties and society parties. Choosing a top.

Top, like any other clothing, should be selected taking into account your type of figure.

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“Hourglass” figure type. For this type include Women with broad shoulders and hips, and pointedly single out waist. Recommendation for owners of such a figure is – emphasize their luxurious bust and waist. It is better to prefer close-fitted models.You can also try tight-fitting top, but it rarely fits this type of body. A belt will help you to focus attention on the waist. As for a neckline better if it is V-neck or crew neck.

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“Triangle” figure type. Characteristic features: wide hips and noticeably narrower shoulders. Upper part of the body needs to be visually increased for the balance. This is facilitated by any kind of sleeve, crew neck, prints at the upper part of a top. It is better if a top is tight-fitted. Also, if upper part is light-colored compared with bottom part will help to reach the balance.

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“Inverted triangle” figure type.Here everything is quite the opposite. You need to visually increase the lower part. You can emphasize the shoulders and chest with an open top. Women with such a figure are simply obliged to highlight key points on the chest when selecting the clothing. Style of a Top – free from the waist, it is better if the notches are V- and U-style, preferred models are of dark color and with wide straps.

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“Apple” figure type. The owners of this type of figure must also place emphasis on the chest and give preference to half-close-fitted models. Waist can be emphasized with a belt. Tops with high waist will help to hide the belly, if it exists. However, you must be careful, Top should not be too wide. Furthermore, single-color models are recommended.

“Rectangle” figure type. Again, V-and U-shaped will looks better, the deeper the better. Tops with high waist, with bright and eye-catching accents in the chest. And do not forget about belts.

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