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Work Outfits Women Casual

What on Earth does business casual mean to the modern woman? Men have it so easy. They can throw on khakis and a polo shirt and call it a day. Women on the other hand, have to traverse the ever changing jungle of fashion to find an outfit that is somewhere between a business suit and pajamas. As there are numerous clothing options for women, it makes it difficult to pin down the appropriate attire. Here are a few things to remember when dressing business casual, without breaking the bank. Work Outfits Women Office

Suit Yourself

If you have been working in a corporate environment for years, chances are your closet has more than enough suits. A great way to make your existing wardrobe stretch further is to separate those suits. Pair your blazer with a fitted tee and a trendy skirt or trousers. Wear your suit skirts and pants with a modern blouse, peasant top, or fitted tee and a denim jacket. Incorporate different textures and patterns into your outfit to give it depth and interest. Solid or pinstriped suites look great with small prints, tweed, stripes, or polka dots. Skirt Outfits Modest

Dressing Up

If you are new to the workforce and are trying to figure out how to dress up your existing wardrobe, start by investing in a few solid colored blazers. Adding a blazer to a sundress or denim skirt and blouse instantly creates a dressier look. Top it off with tights and a great pair of closed toe heels and you are set.

Attention to Detail

Accessories finish off the look.

Scarves can breathe new life into your suit skirts or pants. Feed a bright colored silk scarf through your belt loops and tie on the side as a belt. Or tie one around your neck for some extra color and warmth in the winter.

Instead of your briefcase, use a large purse. It will give you a more casual look and your laptop and lunch will fit inside!

Casual belts and boots paired with your suit skirt will make your outfit more casual and trendy. Bangles, hoop hearings, and layered necklaces can also help bring a relaxed air to your look.

Remember, business casual does not require a whole new wardrobe. You just need to get creative with your existing clothes, make sure you own a few key pieces, and accessorize!

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