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Winter Dresses Casual

Dress Warm This Winter in Casual Wear

Layering is the key to staying warm this winter and looking great while doing it! There is nothing worse than suffering through a day at the office or an evening out freezing just so you can look good. Luckily and happily we can say these days are behind us. These upcoming winter months will be all about warmth and style. In the past these two things couldn’t be in the same sentence but this is no longer the case.

The first thing you absolutely need to have in order to look great this winter and stay warm is a sweater dress. I realize you’re thinking it makes no sense to stay warm while wearing a dress in the winter. The great thing about sweater dresses this year is that they are form fitting, yet at the same time they can be incredibly bulky for warmth. Instead of wearing regular panty hose with this dress you wear leggings and maybe even leg warmers which have come back into style by the way. This is an incredibly warm outfit that can be finished off with a great fashion scarf that works as both accessory and function this winter.

Next on the list are the leggings. Once you find a pair of leggings you like you’ll find you never want to take them off or wear anything else. This piece of clothing is by far the most comfortable and versatile of all the casual wear today. Whether you choose to have just one pair of a variety of different colors you are stepping into the casual clothing zone and once you find a casual style you like it’s hard to go back to traditional fashion. There are several different types of leggings on the market today and you will immediately notice that some are thinner material than others and there are some that are quite thick; perfect for these winter months.

The cardigan is a great piece if you’re looking to stay warm, look great and layer up this winter. Whether you choose a long sleeve or short sleeve cardigan the key to the perfect cardigan this winter is the length. A great tunic length (lower thigh height or above the knee) is perfect when matched with those leggings we talked about. With a cardigan you can wear long sleeved t-shirts underneath, turtle necks, short sleeved t-shirts, tank tops and the list goes on. The great thing about the cardigan is you can consider the weather forecast and then layer accordingly. By layering you can take off clothing if you underestimated the warmth of the day and vice versa.

Start your New Year off right and break into the casual wear fashion trends. There really is nothing better than being comfortable and looking great and we can help you do just that this year. Get rid of the high fashions that make you cold this winter and stay warm with the staple pieces mentioned above and many more.

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