Off the Shoulder Dress
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Off The Shoulder Dress

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Off The Shoulder Dress

Are you in the mood to paint the town red? Well then the black off the shoulder dress is they way to go. It is a short dress with character and it has a flirty twist with the off shoulder design that will turn heads in your direction.

The black off the shoulder dress is of a rich beautiful material that contains both elastic and polyester. This allows it to hug your body in all the right places. The best part about the black off the shoulder dress is its color. You can wear it with almost anything and accessorize with different colors of s jewelry, shoes and bags. This dress has redefined the elements of a little black dress.

Tips on how to make the work for you

Whatever your style and body shape, whether you are curvy or slim, you can still rock an unforgettable look with the black off the shoulder dress. Here are a few tricks on how to make the black off the shoulder dress it work:

– Add some Sparkle. This is perfect for a night out on the town perhaps black might be a little dull. You can spruce things up with a sequined vest to it to make it pop. Remember to go slow on the glitter, not too much is perfect. After all you want more attention on you in the dress than on your shinny accessories.

– A touch of color could do you some good. In order to make your look more appealing try adding some colorful shoes or tights, maybe red, hot pink or purple for a more exiting look.

– It is a casual dress. Therefore, you can wear it to various occasions instead of one i.e. class or lunch. All that you might need to do is dress it down by adding a pretty cardigan or a chunky scarf. Pair it with some slippers or ballet pumps and even better boots!

– Just because it is casual doesn’t mean that you cannot transform the black off the shoulder dress into a professional outfit. It is perfect for a dress down Friday or if you work on weekend. simply add a blazer in a neutral color like grey or a lighter shade depending on the nature of your work place and who knows your look might even earn you that bonus check that you have been eyeing after all appearance is everything.

– It is also perfect for wedding parties and other fanciful occasions. You can look elegant by adding some gorgeous pearls.

– Top it up with a belt. This can also be a nice way to add some color. Try adding a colorful belt in any shade. The black off the shoulder dress can match with any color. You can even choose a belt with patterns as an accent. Belts are also a fun way to create an hourglass shape.

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