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Maxi Dress Casual

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Maxi Dress Casual

It is no surprise that the maxi dress is one of the most commonly worn dresses globally. It fits perfectly in most occasions. It can look either fancy or casual, depending on the style and of course how you wear it.

Firstly, let us describe what the maxi dress even is. The maxi is the long dress you see on a mannequin when passing by a fashion boutique. The dress is typically a draping dress that goes as far down as to your ankles (and in some cases, lower). You can now even picture why a dress like this could be worn in different ways and for different occasions.

The maxi dress can come bright with abstract designs on them. This type of dress, as you can imagine, could be worn to the beach. You can pair it with sandals or flip flops and wear a large bag. I have actually seen women wear the maxi dress even with a messenger bag. You can choose to wear a hat as well.

For a more formal occasion, some pumps would go hand in hand with a maxi dress to make you look absolutely astounding. We tend to go for a darker color in formal occasions. Black or colors like maroon gives off an strong impression of classiness. Instead of wearing a huge bag where you keep your suntanning lotions and beach towels, try wearing a clutch. With clutches, I tend to choose more neutral colors like black.

Don’t forget about accessories! They do actually make a huge difference, lets say you have an asymmetrical maxi dress, a pearl necklace would totally compliment the dress and you. Bangles can make a difference on the appearance that you’re aiming for as well, whether they’re colorful bangles or silver. Wrist watches are always welcome to the party as well. A different style of watch would suit a different style of the maxi dress.

In some cases, you could even wear a belt with a maxi. Though in most cases, this would be for the more “casual” look rather than fancy. The kind of belt that I prefer would be a thick one worn slightly above the hip. There are cases where women wear the thin lacy belts in exchange that their dress does not come with an elastic band of it’s own which is usually between the pelvis and underneath the breast area.

You can also wear something over the maxi dress like a blazer or a cardigan.

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