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Cropped Cami Top

Are you looking for fashionable looks for your body-style that suit the occasion you are attending? What do you like to wear in summer season? Wearing a heavy dress made of thick material can be a pain.

It was long ago that camisoles, being an undergarment couldn’t be tucked into jeans! The rules are now changing; silk cami tops are now considered as slightly dressy- may be due to its print, silhouette, or color. You can now wear a cami top as outerwear as well! This will be the hottest trend in ‘fall’ season; don’t you want to sport this trend?

Camisole is appreciated by fashion bloggers as well; if you’re a beginner to this, you would surely need some help on how to get started right.

Pair It with Jacket

Lacey or silky ones can be worn under blazer in office environment. You can wear it with shrugs, blazers, and transparent jackets to make it look trendy. Instead of balancing it with jeans or pants, you can pair it with shorts or pencil skirts. The look of cami top, smart trousers, and pencil skirt can add a touch of femininity.

What to Pick?

Ensure that the look and feel, including fabric justifies it being dressed as outerwear. There is no harm in pairing it up with shorts; in fact, it will look awesome when worn with denim shorts. You will look fabulous when you combine torn jeans with cami tops. Instead of tee or shirt, you can consider wearing cami inside a jacket to get a more chic look.

You can even dress in a single color from head to bottom, including a matching camisole. Solid colored skirts or printed skirts to look beautiful with a camisole. If the shorts or skirt is high-waist, then why don’t you try a crop top look?

Go bright with Zara or Tibi or opt for neutral colors! Lace is a fashion everywhere and don’t be hesitant to try lace cami, when it’s in classy peplum and black silhouette. Keep it in mind, no matter what outfit you choose, keep the cami look little loose, without being too baggy. You should know the difference between cami meant for undergarment and a top. You can’t club both. Be very careful if you are planning to wear cami with silky trousers or skirts, as too many such items in one outfit can look over killed.

These are some of the camisole looks that you can fall in love with and know how to be comfortable in them like a pro.

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