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Couture Evening Gowns

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Couture Evening Gowns

Have you checked the gorgeous couture evening gowns? They are all red carpet worthy; absolutely stunning for any special occasion. Apart from the high-end expertise used in their making, the other secret of these dresses is the choice of fabrics. A perfect gown begins with the perfect material. When you are shopping, consider the elegant, dreamy, and ethereal fabrics. From satin, chiffon, silk, to organza, find out the exquisite fabrics that make stunning evening dresses.

1. Satin

This is a great fabric choice when it comes to formal evening gowns. This opulent and chic material features a beautiful gloss with a dramatic effect. It has unique characteristics as follows:

In primary materials cotton, silk, synthetics, and wool included.
It is very lustrous
Has a glossy face
Its weave is particular
Features a dull interior side
It uses in bedding, furnishings, and upholstery

2. Crepe
Crepe is a tightly-woven and flowy material with twisted fibers. It features:

Matte face
Elegant drape
Slightly wrinkled
Crinkled texture
Grainy surface
Its two-way stretch is flexible
Crepe is mostly loved for its stunning drape and silky handle. Designers find it easier to work with.

3. Velvet

The depth, glossiness, and drama of velvet weave make it ideal for feminine evening dresses. Fashionistas are in love with marbled velvet hence it has become a popular option for formal attire. It can be made of silk or synthetic fibers. Its qualities are:

Highly durable
Shimmery surface
Smooth and touchy
Soft textured
Strong and gorgeous sheen
Graceful and soft drape

4. Chiffon
This is yet another beautiful fabric that comes in various versions. Chiffon may be crafted from rayon, cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers. It features:

Plain weave
General tightness
Beautiful drape
Soft, supple, and sheer
It is constructed from tightly twisted yarns
Chiffon is perfect for gowns featuring a flowing skirt.

5. Organza

If you are looking for ethereal quality in couture gowns, organza fabric should be your ideal choice. This material consists of highly twisted fibers which are fabricated in a loose and plain weave. The organza comes from silk or synthetic fibers. The characteristics of this delicate fabric include:

Fine texture
Wiry feel
Sleek and light
Slight Sheen
Stiff and sheer
Crispy and dry touch

6. Georgette
Traditionally, georgette is made of silk but other synthetic fibers like polyester can be used. Check the distinctive properties of georgette.

Tightly woven
Highly twisted fibers
Crepe texture
Slight roughness and dryness
Strong and durable
Bouncy drape
Springy nature

7. Neoprene
Neoprene never used to be a popular evening gown fabric until recently. Its qualities include:

Wrinkle resistant and strong
UV resistant
Flexible and smooth
Contours the body gracefully
Smooth and sculptural
Now you understand the difference between various fabrics- georgette and tulle, organza and chiffon, satin and silk. Every fabric suits a particular silhouette or cut.

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