Teacher Wardrobe On A Budget
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Teacher Wardrobe on A Budget

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Teacher Wardrobe on A Budget

As a teacher, your day is full of hustle and bustle. Depending on the grade level you teach, you even run a higher risk of getting materials on your clothes that you’d rather not. When you spend your day with kids who are dressed comfortably in shorts or jeans and t-shirts, it can be tempting to daydream about showing up for work in your favorite flip-flops and sweat pants; but that simply isn’t professional. As the teacher, you must set the tone through your demeanor but also through your dress. Of all the teacher’s tips that you will get throughout your career, teacher’s tips for how to dress comfortably yet professionally are tops.

When you decide what to wear in the classroom, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. First, your professional appearance is important. Second, you want to be comfortable. And lastly, you want to still be you. When you became a teacher, you didn’t sign on to wear wire rimmed glasses and plastic ID badge holders. You still want to, and can, show off your personal sense of style in everything from your shoes to ID badge holders.

There are many teacher’s tips regarding dress code. But one that is high on the list is to NOT look like your students. No matter what grade you teach, your role is a professional one. That means you should avoid shirts and pants that are cut low. Teachers of elementary students may be tempted to dress in their most comfortable overalls, or even in printed shirts featuring juvenile designs. Again, your priority is to display a professional demeanor. Elmo and X-men don’t do this for you.

Keeping dress simple is key for any teacher; but especially important for the elementary teacher. You get messy and do a lot with the kids. For that reason, keeping jewelry to a minimum is the best choice. Not only do you always want to keep your jewelry classic (and classy), you want to ensure that your nicest pieces are kept safe. That means they are best left outside of the classroom. To dress up your work wardrobe, you can find decorative ID badge holders. These designer lanyards and badge reels are functional, reasonably priced and oh-so-cute.

Shoes for the professional are easy to find. Here again, when you work with kids sporting Adidas, Puma and Vans, the temptation is there to be just as comfortable as they are. However, you need to look the part of the teacher and finding shoes that are made for the career person will be appreciated by parents and the administration.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to take clues from other teachers. Many teachers take the easy way out and view their job with kids as a free pass to stay in touch with their youthful side. This shouldn’t be the case. Keep it simple and you will create a respectable image of yourself that students and parents will respond to.

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