What to Wear to Dinner Date
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What to Wear to Dinner Date

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What to Wear to Dinner Date

For the most part, going out to dinner is still considered a special occasion. The what to wear to dinner decision is easy if you are heading to Denny’s or the International House of Pancakes after a long night of partying. You do not need to throw on a gown to enjoy your 2 am omelette. Nor will you need to rent out Harry Winston jewelry for a dinner that consists of a Bloomin’ Onion or restaurant that uses any combination of the words “Lobster” and “Fest”, but for most other dinner occasion you may want to spruce up just a tad.

To add just a little bit of spice to your dinner attire, you will want to cozy up with your accessories. Three easiest ways to get friendlier with your accessories is to change your handbag, shoes, and earrings. To dress up your handbag, you will generally swap your daytime handbag for a smaller option. For your shoes, you want to add a little height or at the very least change out of something you could wear while playing basketball. For earrings, kick it up a notch by adding some sparkle and some swing. If you are wearing studs in the daytime, swap them out for earrings that move when you turn your head. It will also have you turning some heads in the restaurant.

To add some sizzle to your dinner attire, add a jacket. It is way to instantly look more stylish, chic, and put together. This doesn’t work if you are throwing on a windbreaker or a hoodie, but for most other more structured jackets this trick will work. You could be wearing a plain t-shirt, but when you throw a blazer over it you look very urban, chic, and you might even be mistaken for a fashionista. Other options besides a blazer are a pea coat, a military styled jacket, and some nicer denim jackets.

To add some more flavor to your dinner attire, you also need to touch up your make-up. You generally will darken any eyeshadow and lip color. You can also add a little more shine but dabbing on some gold eyeshadow in the right spot and applying a little lip gloss over your lip color will also make your dinner companions salivate over how delicious you look.

Choosing what to wear to dinner is easy if you know how to modify your current outfit so that it becomes worthy of the dinner invitation. If you can remember to add some spice with your accessories, add some sizzle with a jacket, and add some flavor with a quick make-up touch up, you will garner more dinner invitations and that is the perfect garish to a truly fulfilling social life.

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