Stylish Teacher Clothes The attire a person puts on paints the first impression of his or her behavior to outsiders. Whether it is the true picture of the person’s innate character or otherwise, the dress one adorns himself or herself

Best Classic Clothing Brands Almost since its inception, hip hop music has been bringing people together (think Aerosmith and Run DMC), so it stands to reason that hip hop clothing would do the same for styles. This style is all

Pleated Skirt With Yoke Women’s dress skirts come in many stylish designs and they have been fashionable for centuries but with time they have become even more stylish and many different patterns have been invented. The dress skirts come in

How to Dress for Pear Body Type Another body type commonly referenced is a “pear” body type. This body type is typically found in women, and refers to women whose hips are the largest part of their bodies. In olden

Millennial Business Casual In today’s modern world, there are no longer many work settings where one must wear a suit and tie to work every single day. Some work places have, in the last 25 years or so, been deemed

Office Casual Now that summer is in full-swing, we have a tendency to want to dress more casually. This is true in all facets of life whether they be play, travel, or work. While no one really cares how you

Casual Work Outfits Womens For most employees, choosing casual workwear is confusing because they are very conscious about their office settings. Casual workwears allow you to wear stylish clothes to work but fashion is not the only determination factor in