Office Casual Now that summer is in full-swing, we have a tendency to want to dress more casually. This is true in all facets of life whether they be play, travel, or work. While no one really cares how you

How to Dress An Overweight Hourglass Figure Dresses are not one-size-fits-all types of clothing and finding the right dress designs can be quite difficult for many ladies of different body types. Shopping for that perfect outfit gets even more complicated

Best Clothing Subscription Boxes 2018 It is easy to become discouraged when the summer ends and you can no longer enjoy your favorite hikes. The first few layer of clothing should be thin and insulated. Newer, synthetic materials are nice

How to Dress An Hourglass Figure Casually Everyone wants to look his or her best, regardless of the occasion or their age. This can be accomplished through the casual wear fashions you choose. Today, women’s clothing has been created by

Casual Work Outfits Plus Size For the stylish and fabulous big and beautiful woman, there’s nothing better than plus size casual dresses. Thankfully, the world has finally taken notice of the full figured woman’s needs. When it comes to dressing

Personal Stylist Online A personal stylist is someone who gives fashion advice to certain individuals about the latest trends in fashion, clothing, footwear and makeup. This profession should not be confused with a stylist, because a stylist works for fashion

Casual Business Jeans Prior to the 1960’s jeans were considered mostly as a work outfit worn by blue collar workers and people working around their house. Then somewhere around 1965 they became popular with teens as a very casual laid