College Style Fashion Outfits I’ve been working on a SEC college campus for 28 years and had 2 daughters attend college. I’ve seen trends come and go. But, one thing remains consistent – college fashion trends make no sense! And

Urban Outfits for Teens With changing times there are various new genres of fashion companies and clothing which are coming into play and which have developed into something new and exciting for the youngsters. This kind of clothing is called

Long Prom Dresses High school life typically caps off accompanied by a unforgettable prom night. For senior high school participants, this stresses the end of the 4 years put in learning, having a great time, and creating pals. Prom night

Cropped Cami Top Are you looking for fashionable looks for your body-style that suit the occasion you are attending? What do you like to wear in summer season? Wearing a heavy dress made of thick material can be a pain.

Fall Outfits for Teen Girls I bet all of the things that are listed here, you have somewhere in your closet, so you won’t have to go buy all new outfits for the changing of the seasons. So girls, you

Vintage Outfits for Teens There are many reasons for purchasing vintage clothing; they make for a fantastic sense of style, if you manage to create a decent look using vintage clothing, then you will look extremely fashionable and unique; vintage