Women’s Street Style Street style has hit the fashion scene and it is here to stay. Unlike a lot of glamorous runway fashions, this style seems more accessible to the everyday and brings chic to a whole new level. It’s

How to Make Your Business Wardrobe More Summery It’s not easy to sit cooped up in an office when the weather outside is so very sunny and warm. What makes it even harder is the dress code standards many of

High Fashion Look Creating outfits consisting of cheap trendy clothes is difficult to do while avoiding selling your soul. Prior to traveling to the major fashion cities such as NYC, London, Paris, and Milan, I was pretty clueless. After living

Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet Most women have a lot of clothes. We have clothes for work, clothes for going out, and clothes to feel comfortable in. Through all those clothes, there are some staple items every

What is Preppy Style Clothing Fashion is a sophisticated field which always needs a change. If you are a persistent kind of person, you might want to drop some of that when it comes to your own style and make

Printed Leggings with Long Tops Leggings are essential wardrobe essentials today for women. Leggings when worn with a matching top becomes a very fashionable wear for young ladies. But at times, many make the fashion mistake of not wearing the

Buy Long Tops for Leggings Some people think they’ve got nothing to do with fashion. They think they’re no good for all that fancy stuff and thus they wear bland and boring pieces. This doesn’t have to stay like that