High Fashion Look Creating outfits consisting of cheap trendy clothes is difficult to do while avoiding selling your soul. Prior to traveling to the major fashion cities such as NYC, London, Paris, and Milan, I was pretty clueless. After living

Best Dressing Sense for Female In today’s market hundreds of fashion magazines and fashion channels are available to attract the people who are keenly interested in the changing latest fashion trend. Some of them will just follow the trends and

How to Improve My Wardrobe The first thing you need to do is take a step back and evaluate your wardrobe. What do you like the most? The least? We’re all guilty of wearing our “laundry day” clothes once in

Basic Fashion Rules Have you ever wondered why some women always look spectacular, irrespective of age, size or wealth? It’s because they follow these five fashion rules that all women should follow. Start at the bottom The foundation to looking

How to Dress with Style Your personal color preferences, your type of figure, form of activity, lifestyle and sphere of interests will give a starting point for creating your own unique style. So, first of all you need to pay