Beach Outfit Bikinis
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Beach Outfit Bikinis

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Beach Outfit Bikinis

When it comes to making an impression at the beach, nothing says it all like a stylish summer bikini. If you’re looking for a hot new bikini to show off this year, you won’t be disappointed – 2010’s designs are shaping up to be some of the best ever.

As colourful as the beach is, you can’t go wrong without adding a little more. One of the best bikini trends this summer is to go bold and show your true colours by sporting colourful outfits that really make you stand out from the crowd. Forget black – why not go for red, blue, green, orange or a daring gold colour when you select your new bikini? You’ll be attracting more than a second glance from all the other beach fiends you meet on your lazy days lying on the white hot sands.

Of course, even the traditional bikini has ways of varying your look so you can try out different trends without worrying about being unfashionable. For example, the stylish tankini combines a tank top with bikini briefs, allowing you a little more coverage but with the same aesthetic results. Tankinis are great if you prefer not to have your midriff on show, as they act like vest tops and cover your skin to protect it from the sun while you enjoy a long day on the beach. Similarly, bikini briefs can be switched for shorts or bikini boy shorts, which act as a fuller brief with legs, and are perfect for those who’d rather keep some things to the imagination.

Covering up may not seem like the most fun thing to do while on the beach, but it can be something that’s necessary. After all, the sun’s rays can really damage your skin, so it only makes sense to cover it every now and then in order to protect yourself. For that reason, you can combine your bikini with fashionable sarongs, or ditch the get-up all together in favour of a gorgeous, colourful beach dress that will have all heads turning your way. In any case, however covered up you are, don’t forget to use suntan lotion to help prevent your skin from burning.

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