Stiletto Heels the Ultimate Style Statement for Shoes
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Stiletto Heels The Ultimate Style Statement for Shoes

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Stiletto Heels The Ultimate Style Statement for Shoes

Stiletto heels are among the most popular names as far as footwear fashion is concerned. Stiletto is a name without which modern women’s fashion remains incomplete. No matter what kind of an event you are dressing up for, a pair of Stiletto heels will surely add a lot to your looks. Designed primarily to provide an artificial elevation to the foot and make one’s legs look long and sexy, Stiletto became a trendsetter since its introduction. Today Stilettos are available in endless varieties of designs, sizes, and heel lengths. You just need to pick up the one that you think will provide you the elevation you desire.

Stiletto heel shoes date back to 1930s. The shoe that own hearts of millions for its stunning looks was named after Stiletto Dagger, as its long, thin and sharp heel resembles a dagger. The unique footwear that soon became the most popular name in the world originated from Italy but today companies manufacture these shoes across Europe, UK, and US.

Basic feature of an original Stiletto is a thin and sharp heel length of which varies from 1 inch to 10 inches, a platform sole with a diameter of less than 1 cm at the ground and an extremely slender look. Stiletto heels with lengths of 5 cms and below are called kitten heels and are largely popular across the world. Another feature that clearly distinguishes Stiletto from other high heel shoe models is the strength of the heel made of solid steel or alloy. In the markets, you will find many shoes with molded plastic heels that are quite similar to the Stiletto but if you observe minutely, you will surely notice the difference between such shoes and the original Stiletto.

Though Stiletto Heels is the biggest name in the footwear fashion world, there are certain problems that people wearing Stilettos often suffer from. Muscular and skeleton problems are quite common among regular Stiletto users. However, the thought that the thinner heel is the reason behind the problems is very wrong. In fact, heels of Stilettos are safer than all other high heel shoes. Besides, it is not very suitable when one needs to walk at a very fast pace.

Stiletto is a kind of shoe that you can wear in all seasons. Stilettos are made of a variety of materials and you simply need to pick up the one that you think is most suitable for a particular season. You will find the shoes in a number of exciting models, colors, and sizes. If you are planning to wear a Stiletto for an event where you need to make lot of movements, it is safer to go for a kitten heel shoe. You will get the Stiletto looks and will be able to walk comfortably at a fast pace. To know more about Stiletto models and availability, log on to the net and browse through the online shoe shops. You will find every detail regarding Stiletto heels there. See the designs, see the price, and then select the one you find best.

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