Vintage Outfits for Teens
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Vintage Outfits for Teens

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Vintage Outfits for Teens

There are many reasons for purchasing vintage clothing; they make for a fantastic sense of style, if you manage to create a decent look using vintage clothing, then you will look extremely fashionable and unique; vintage dresses, trousers, and jumpers, because they are second hand, tend to be the greenest types of clothing. Great for the eco-friendly people of the world who love fashion then. Although, to be fair, very few people actually buy vintage clothing because it is environmentally sound, most people buy vintage clothes to make a fashion statement and to create a sense of individuality from their get-up.

A vast majority of people, who love vintage clothing, begin purchasing such items during their teens, particularly in the first years of college and university. In part, this is due to fashion tastes; retro is cool. However, on the other hand, these years are also amongst the poorest, the student years are tight, and this is the reason many people choose to adopt the retro fashion – it is a great way of looking cool and avant-garde while ensuring very little money is spent on clothing. By choosing to buy vintage dresses that cost £5 or less – over high street dresses that cost upwards of £20 – students ensure they have more money to spend on beer.

If you love vintage clothing, then you will need to know how to buy these items, follow these few simple tips, and the task of buying vintage clothing will be easy:

As with any type of clothing, you need to ensure that the clothing fits well. Vintage dresses are fantastic in this respect, as dressmakers in previous decades put a lot more effort into tailoring clothing than designers do now. To judge fit, try on the outfit, you should have around a 3-7mm gap between the fabric and your skin, there should be neither bunching nor overstretching of the material, if so the dress does not fit.

It is important to make sure the quality is up to scratch, it is no good spending £5 on a dress that breaks the first time that you wear it, although cheap, that is just money down the drain and is completely pointless.

Fortunately, vintage clothing tends to made to a higher specification than modern day clothing. To check the quality of the material, test zips to make sure they are secure, and that the glide easily – there should be no rusting, if there is, this is indicates the garment may not have been looked after. Test the stitching at the seams, pull and tug a little, you should hear no cracking of materials and the seam should feel firm and secure, if not, avoid the item.

Many items of vintage clothing’s will have staining. This is not too much of a problem, because, depending on the material, you can have the garment cleaned with dry cleaners. If the item is made of leather, and there is severe staining or the material smells musty, the leather may be rotting, and this damage is irreparable.

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