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Striped Pants Outfit

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Striped Pants Outfit

This spring dots are hot and stripes are all the rage! I’ve been seeing them in every color, size and combination, and one thing has become clear – knowing how to wear stripes and dots can be downright confusing!

Wearing dots or stripes doesn’t have to be difficult, but something to keep an eye out for is wearing something that isn’t age appropriate, read: too young. You want to be sure to give your dots the appropriate level of sophistication to be sure that they don’t undermine your credibility or work against you.

The Power of One

Wear only one dot item and/or one striped item at the time to avoid overwhelm, especially if you’re on the petite side. Team a feminine polka dot blouse with your business suit and give it a soft, feminine edge. Wear a pair of polka dot shoes with a solid or print top and pants. Toss a polka dot bag over a striped top for a fun effect. Or wear a polka dot dress and let the dress take center stage.

Mix and Match

Stripes and dots look really great mixed with each other, or with other prints, but keep it on the down low and remember to limit your colors. Having too much going on at one time can be overwhelming and take away from your total image.

To Scale

Wear polka dots and stripes that complement your personal scale, i.e. the bigger you are, the bigger the dots/stripes should be. If you’re 5′ tall, wearing large polka dots can totally overpower you. If you’re close to 6′, wearing pin dots will only make you look bigger. Match the size of your dots and stripes to your personal scale to create balance and harmony.

Color it Up!

Sure, black and white is a classic, but think outside the dot and look for interesting color combinations. Chartreuse/khaki, red/pink or orange/navy are a few unexpected combinations that are fresh and fabulous! Avoid bold black and white stripes that will make you look like a referee!

Just a Touch

If you’re apt to shy away from dots or stripes, why not try just wear a hint in the form of a bracelet, a handbag or maybe a small scarf? You can keep it as simple as you like, or to ahead and make a bold statement. The choice is up to you!

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