Leopard Print Outfits Dresses
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Leopard Print Outfits Dresses

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Leopard Print Outfits Dresses

Animal prints are very much in vogue these days among the fashion conscious women for their bolder look. These dresses are regarded by many as versatile because one can wear these outfits all year round. Even though a leopard print dress draws the attention of majority of the fashion fanatic divas around the world not all of them have same fondness for such attire. Those who are die-hard fan of this bold print can always get a complete look by clothing themselves from head to toe in leopard prints. But some of them are not so highly devoted towards this print and they prefer to touch up their look with accessories with leopard prints. An exquisite piece of leopard printed garment can suit just about any woman who has the confidence and attitude to carry the dress. For those who haven’t yet worn any such outfit, here is a brief and simple guide to put on such apparel to perfection.

If you are on the lookout to find a sensational leopard print dress to cause a huge stir in your upcoming party or wedding invitation the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to ascertain exactly what kind of outfits you are looking for. To gather some idea you can take a look at the fashion magazines or watch television and get aware of the latest fashion trends. You can also come across latest fad while you roam in the public. Once you make up your mind about the kind of attire you want to be clothed in you can order the pattern online. But it is always wiser to purchase the fabrics from a retail store so that you can try and feel the colour and quality of the on your own.

Once you come upon quality fabric the next thing you should do is to get your hips, waists and chests measured. I case you have chosen for the stiffer fabric, you are better off leaving 1 inch for the seam. Now you have to decide would you go for a mini leopard print dress or you are fine with normal length. In case you prefer a mini dress, tailored fit is what you should opt for as it goes best with mini leopard printed outfits.

If you are purchasing the fabric to make a summer wear your chosen fabric should be light-weight and if this is going to be your winter special attire then it is better to buy a fabric that is comparatively heavier. Now that you are through with the selection of the fabric and pattern, it is time to cut the patterns pieces out and iron them to smooth out the creases and wrinkles. This pressing of the fabrics also helps preshrink cottons linens that are natural fibres. After ironing, the part of the fabric needs to folded over and you need to place double pattern pieces on the folded fabric. After that, these pattern pieces need to be pinned to the fabrics and cut those pieces out.

While cutting the pieces out you need to very discreet and keep a close eye for the dirt, notches and markings. Now you need to pin up the fabric pieces and line up the notches to ensure that the pattern pieces of your coveted leopard print dress fit together perfectly. Finally you need to sew the pattern according to direction. To ascertain that your newly made leopard print dress is absolutely fit you just need to press the seam open.

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