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Girly Outfits Classy

When desiring to be more feminine, often the first thing women want to know is what to wear. Let’s face it. Clothes do matter. Other people’s perception of us is shaped strongly by what we choose to wear. People naturally assume that the way you dress reflects who you are at the deepest level. So, when we want to be more feminine, what we wear is vitally important.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of help out there for women who want to be more feminine. We are told to wear skirts and dresses all the time. The more lace and ruffles the better. Wear bright colors or pastels. Never wear neutrals. This is all terrible advice. You could follow all the “rules” and still look frumpy or like an over-stuffed cupcake. We want to look classy and feminine; not like a circus attraction. If you want to look feminine whether you’re pumping gas, shoveling manure, or getting groceries, then keep reading.

You don’t have to become an ultra-girly-girl to be incredibly feminine. You can be completely feminine while doing ranch work, shooting guns, or practicing martial arts. At the same time, you could be wearing a skirt while sewing, cooking or doing your desk job and look decidedly unfeminine. In order for your clothes to reflect your femininity no matter what you’re doing there are only three rules:

1) Dress for the occasion.
2) Only wear clothes that emphasize your narrowest part.
3) Make sure the styles of your shoes matches that of your clothes.

Let’s take a look at each of these rules. To dress for the occasion means that when doing ranch work, wear your muck boots and jeans. When you go jogging, wear shorts. When you go to church or out to dinner, dress up. Wear a dress. Or wear slacks or dark wash jeans with a flattering top. Make sure that whatever you’re wearing not only fit’s the occasion but is slightly nicer than what everyone else is wearing. A little effort goes a long way.

The main thing you’re communicating here is that you care. That means sweat pants never leave the house. Never wear a sweatshirt when a nice blazer style jacket will do.

Next, you’re only going to wear clothes that emphasize your narrowest part. This means that your clothes are somewhat tight at the narrowest part of your torso and are slightly loose everywhere else. This won’t only show off your curves but will also create some. If you can create curves in all your outfits, you’ll look feminine everywhere you go.

Stand facing a mirror and find the narrowest part of your torso. Your clothes should show off this part, whether naturally or with the help of a belt or tie. Also, make sure they are slightly loose through the shoulders, bust, stomach, or hips. If your clothes are too tight in these areas, you’ll leave nothing to the imagination — definitely not mysterious and feminine — at best. At worst, you’ll look lumpy and show off all your flaws.

Last, the style of your footwear must match that of your clothes. Wear the cutest shoes you can get away with. Cute flats or heels are appropriate for most occasions. Keep shoes with tread and flipflops for outdoor work, exercising, and the pool. One sight that never fails to make me cringe is seeing women wearing tennis shoes with a long skirt. The only time tennis shoes look feminine with a skirt or dress is when you’re actually playing tennis. Similarly, big furry boots can look totally feminine with skinny jeans or leggings. Not so much with dresses or skirts. Keep your footwear in sync with your outfit.

By following these rules, your clothes will reflect your feminine self no matter what you’re doing.

Here’s what you can do right now. Get naked, stand facing a mirror, and find your narrowest part. If you’re having some trouble, running your hands down your side can help. Then try on a few outfits and see how well they emphasize your narrowest part. If they don’t, try a belt or tie on. What you’ll notice is that depending on your body type and weight distribution, certain clothes will do the job better than others. My “rectangle” friends look great when they belt loose, flowing shirts and tunics. Those of us with a short waist who have more of an hourglass figure put on ten pounds when wearing the same thing. Instead, very fitted 50’s style clothing looks best. Each of us has a different figure and personality. Your job is to find what works best for you. There is a way to dress that helps you to be your most feminine self. Now go be more feminine!

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