Fall Plaid Outfits
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Fall Plaid Outfits

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Fall Plaid Outfits

The change of seasons from summer to fall always symbolizes change. Instead of the rebirth we feel emerging from winter to spring, fall brings about a return to the nest. A time for families to get together over large tables filled with food, a time for kids to return to school, a time to slow down after the hectic pace of warmer weather. We sense this change in the fashion world as well. Heavier textured and knitted fabrics come into play, colors deepen, and patterns fade from natural floral to plaid.

Plaid is a fashion trend that comes back every fall. Normally associated with school uniforms, this trend is also seen outside of the classroom. The best way to update this trend for yourself is to make sure you use it sparingly. Keep it from overtaking your wardrobe. A floor length plaid gown may be great for the runway, but in real life, for example, stick to a pencil skirt no longer than just below the knee. You can even wear a shorter skirt with some textured tights and boots for an updated “schoolyard chic” look.

Fitted checked shirts paired with some dark skinny jeans and dark colored boots is a chic way to bring plaid into your closet. Take care your boots are sleek, and not chunky, or else you may look like a construction worker. Or pair with a solid colored skirt and tights!

This pattern can also be seen on some of the cutest shoes around! If you do wear it on your shoes, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple, or you may suffer from a clash of patterns. Pair patterned flats with dark tights, a denim skirt, and a solid button down top. Dress up a little black dress with a pair of plaid heels and a sparkly clutch for a night on the town!

If you are doubtful whether it will work for you, maybe start out with a plaid scarf! Keep your top a solid color, and wear with a denim jacket! Or you can even carry a patterned purse to accent your outfit. A hat will keep you warm while still delivering style and functionality.

Whatever you do, be sure to try out the different color combinations that it can offer! Don’t stick to the traditional red or blue plaid. Try something unique! After all, fashion is about finding what suits you and your personality!

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