Cocktail Dresses for Weddings Guest
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Cocktail Dresses for Weddings Guest

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Cocktail Dresses for Weddings Guest

As soon as one receives an invitation to a wedding, one of the major challenges and decisions that one faces is ‘what to wear to the wedding?’ The task of selecting the perfect outfit for a wedding as a guest can prove overwhelming.

When thinking about an outfit for a wedding, one of the most important considerations is the season in which the wedding is taking place and whether it is going to be an outdoor or indoor wedding. Beautiful summer dresses with floral designs and bright colours; these are perfect for a summer wedding. Whether the wedding is in the daytime or evening, deciding on an outfit is an important consideration.

The extent of how formal or casual a wedding is also contributes to what would be ideal for you to wear to a wedding. Sometimes the invitation mentions the kind of attire to wear at the wedding. In such a case, you would have to wear a dress that fulfils the specifications.

For women, a short dress or even a suit can work if a wedding is having an informal daytime dressing. For informal evening weddings, one can wear cocktail dresses. In case of weddings that are semi formal, the same kind of outfits can work for women for both the evening and daytime. However, if the wedding is in the daytime and requires you to be formal, a short dress or suit is suitable and you can decide on whether or not you want to use a hat or gloves.

For formal evening weddings or black ties, there are lot of options from which you can choose what to wear. The women can wear a long outfit or one that is shorter and dressy. Wraps are also ideal to use as accessorises besides jewellery or other embellishments on the dress.

For men, a dress shirt and pants along with a casual kind of jacket works best for informal daytime weddings. If the wedding is in the evening and is informal, a suit works well. For weddings that are in the daytime and are formal, men should preferably wear a dark suit and tie. For formal evening weddings, men should wear a tuxedo if it is a black tie wedding and a dark suit otherwise. However, if the wedding is ultra formal and white tie, then men should best wear a white tie and a vest with the shirt.

For women, it is important that they do not wear black during the daytime and nor should they wear white at all. For women it is necessary to wear something that is feminine as well as appropriate.

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