Womens Business Casual attire
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Womens Business Casual Attire

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Womens Business Casual Attire

Have you been recently employed in some huge company or industry? Are you not sure what should you be buying to wear at your new job? If you just said yes for both my questions, then I think I have something to tell you. In the world of business companies and industries, casual wear is not allowed to be worn in offices. If you think that in this case, the only choice you are left with is formal dress such as suits and blazers, then you are wrong. The best choice that workers have is known as the business casual attire. This attire is neither too casual nor too formal, that is why rightly known as the business casual dress code. It helps the employees to look professional and at the same time be as comfortable as they may feel in casual wear.

For Men

You will be required to get into this attire at occasions such as informal meetings, job fairs and interviews. Following includes this dress code:

Trousers: This includes pants in colors such as khaki, black, gray and navy blue. Do not wear loose or skinny pants.
Shirts: Shirts with long sleeves in plain colors such as white and blue or in stripes would look the best.
Accessories: A decent watch with accessories such as a briefcase would look great.
Shoes: Leather shoes that go with the color of your pants would be suitable to pick.

For Women

Skirts or Trousers: Knee-length skirts and trousers which are neither too loose nor too tight can be the best choice.
Shirts or Blouses: Avoid skin-hugging fabrics and floral prints. Make sure that your cleavage is not revealed.
Shoes: Shoes made with leather and fabrics are the best. Do not wear shoes with heavy embellishments.
Accessories: You can choose accessories such as classic watches, decent purses, delicate necklace and small earrings.

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