The New Business Casual
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The New Business Casual

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The New Business Casual

Most companies consider their dress policies as “business casual”. The only question is, how do you know exactly what your employer defines business casual? It can be a fine line for some, but there are a few sure things that will keep you looking great in your casual best, but won’t cross that line that will have you in hot water with the head honcho. A healthy dose of common sense is always a good thing, right?

• Unless you’re certain jeans are acceptable, your safest bet is to assume they’re off limits at the office. There are some great new looks in this season’s denim. You might want to steer clear of the distressed look, though. Save those for the weekend.

• With your footwear, choose something that’s not generally reserved for the tennis court. If you opt to wear trainers with khaki or denim pants, be sure they’re in good shape, clean and fit well.

• Shop with those design labels that have the business casual look cornered. There are many men’s collections that serve your purpose and won’t break the bank.

• Another great combination that’s all about business casual is the layered look. Pair a great lightweight sweater with a classic button down for the ultimate look.

These tips should allow even the stuffiest business wardrobe the opportunity to bring it down a notch. For many of us, we’re so accustomed to what once was considered “acceptable office attire”, it can be difficult to make the transition. That said, if you’re that accustomed to suiting up in traditional office wear, there are no rules that say you can no longer do so. It’s all about what works for you. Just because your employer has relaxed the dress code doesn’t mean you must forego what you’re most comfortable in. But it’s always nice to have options each morning.

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