Ruffle Sheath Dress
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Ruffle Sheath Dress

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Ruffle Sheath Dress

The sheath dress has long been a staple in the closets and wardrobes of women everywhere. Many have come to love the body hugging silouhette so much that they’ve acquired quite a collection. These smart dressed women know that the sheath is the one dress that will take them anywhere they need to go and will have them looking and feeling stunning when they get there.

Along with a figure and curve enhancing cut, are some other fabulous features that make women love the sheath such as: Versatility – whether it’s an afternoon of strolling through downtown for shopping, snacking and chatting with friends or a formal evening event, the sheath dress is the perfect option. They’re available in so many different fabrics, necklines and hemlines that there’s a sheath dress for absolutely every occasion.

Details – The devil might in the details but when it comes to this must have fashion piece, the details are what makes each one different from the next. With buttons, ruffles, pearls, crystals, sequins and countless other design features, it’s no wonder a woman could have several sheath dresses in her closet without any single one looking anything like another. For this reason, it’s so easy to always have something to wear! Along with those all important little details are the countless patterns and prints to choose from. Spring, summer, winter or fall – there’s a color, pattern, cut and perfectly detailed sheath dress to take you through the entire year of fashion.

Budget – Here’s the best thing of all about the sheath dress – you don’t have to be rich to own one. The cut is available in budget ranges from as low as $20 on up to the thousands of dollars. It all depends on the brand, designer and of course fabric. But even if your sheath dress only cost you $30, it’s such a classic and sophisticated design that no one will ever know! Wear it with a great pair of strappy heels and a fabulous handbag and a few key pieces of jewelry and for as little as $100 you can look like a million bucks!

Pair your sheath dress with all of your feminine favorites such as scarves, shawls, waist enhancing belts and any height heel from flats to stilettos. It’s versatility and chic design makes it the perfect garment to go with all kinds of fantastic fun to wear accessories.

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