What Shoes to Wear with Corduroy Pants
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What Shoes to Wear With Corduroy Pants

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What Shoes to Wear With Corduroy Pants

One minute women’s corduroy pants are all the fashion, and then in a matter of weeks, months or years they are considered past their prime. The great thing about corduroy pants for women is not only do they look great but they feel great when worn.

For women that are considered to be tall and are looking for a pair of smart but casual trousers a pair of womens corduroys may be your best option. The great thing about these types of pants compared to dress ones is that they don’t look too formal but they don’t look too casual like jeans.

When it comes to buying corduroy jeans you will find that many of these look very similar in style to jeans. Plus you will also find that they have the similar kind of fit as conventional jeans have. So in many cases as long as you know the size of jeans you wear the size of corduroy jeans you buy will be the same.

Most corduroy pants for tall women that you can purchase today will generally come in boot cut style but there are few pairs where the legs of the pants are flared or skinny. So finding a pair that fit comfortably around your leg shape and size won’t prove difficult. Plus nowadays as with jeans you can get corduroy pants that are low or mid rise. So if you are trying to hide that little extra around the middle then purchasing a pair of mid rise womens corduroy pants would be your best option.

When you are purchasing a pair of womens corduroy pants make sure that you keep in mind the look you want to create. Also look for a pair that will help to accentuate areas of your body that you like whilst hiding those flaws. For women who a little more curvy then select a pair of these pants that sit mid way up your waist but the legs are straight. However, if you are someone who is considered to be a plus size look again at the mid rise style of pants make sure that yours come with wider leg or boot cut to them.

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