Outfits for 40 Year Old Woman Pinterest
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Outfits for 40 Year Old Woman Pinterest

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Outfits for 40 Year Old Woman Pinterest

I think a crucial difference between 20 and 40 is that by 40 you’ve had the chance to learn something about subtlety and having a bit of mystery (apologies to all the incredibly mature and subtle twenty-year-olds on this forum). To so many girls, sexy seems to mean showing so much cleavage that even I am distracted by it, or skirts so short that they’re constantly having to tug it down. When it’s such an over the top display I think it loses some of its allure. By a 40 years woman has lived enough to know that flattering clothes, a hint of skin, and that “you’d never guess what I’m thinking” look on your face are the sexiest get up ever.

I found those on the internet and I usually follow these general guidelines. They work for me, hope they help:)


Choose a style that accentuates the best parts of your body. Avoid showing too much flesh. If you are wearing a low-neck dress, then go for a knee-length or longer. If you are wearing a mini, then cover up on top. The secret to wearing twenty-something fashions is to make your outfit classy. If you are curvy then wrap-over styles suit most figures, but particularly those with womanly curves. Hide a wide waist and big hips by choosing a style that hangs loosely rather than clings. Avoid this season’s ruffles and bows in abundance and go for something more discreet.


This season’s high-waisted jeans look great on forty-somethings and as an added bonus, the higher waistline holds everything in. Avoid low-waisted jeans and the dreaded “muffin top.” An indigo shade is more slimming and is more versatile if you want your jeans to work with other pieces in your wardrobe. Current wide-leg styles are also classy and flattering, provided they fit well at the waist and hips.

Coats and Jackets

Choose rich fabrics in blacks, grays and neutrals. Go for classic lines in a jacket, which can be worn open, with a chunky necklace. Avoid double-breasted jackets if you have a big bust, and choose a style that is fitted. However, a short-cropped bolero or caped-style is an elegant way to cover up flabby arms. When we get older it is time to consider shopping smarter, often investing in less but more, when it comes to quantity versus quality. It is also about knowing which necklines, sleeve-lengths and hemlines do you justice, without seeming to appear either tarty and brassy or lumpy and frumpy.

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