How to Dress Your Age 50
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How To Dress Your Age 50

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How To Dress Your Age 50

In today’s age, clothing plays an important role in defining one’s social status. Everyone wants to wear the latest clothes that are in vogue. It is very important to wear clothes that are highly fashionable, sophisticated and stylish. While clothing is essentially a matter of individual taste and personality, it is important to keep in mind that, in today’s networked world, you should be dressing not only to please yourself, but also to please and impress the target group of people you will be associating with, whether as a professional or as a social being. Another important consideration, when it comes to fashion and clothing, is one’s age and body shape.

When you were younger, you could get away with murdering good fashion and dress to compliment your quirks and eccentricities. Alas, with age, such individual tastes will definitely receive lesser appreciation and indulgent nods! Now, you have to dress according to what’s considered appropriate and stylish for your age group, the mantra being, “dress to impress…not yourself, but other people” That said, it does not mean that you completely suppress your individuality and quirks and end up looking like everybody else. For starters, think ‘sophistication’ and ‘class’ when updating your wardrobe. Keep it simple with garments that are cut in well-defined classic lines and indulge in your quirkiness when it comes to add-ons and accessories such as shoes, jewelry, bags, etc.

Stay away from gaudy and tight clothing; say no to garish and loud prints or colors! Comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to clothing. Your clothes should make you look and feel comfortable.

With comfort, comes confidence and this will also change the way people perceive you. Mix and match your clothes and brighten somber silhouettes with one piece or accessory, which is colorful and provides an interesting contrast to your outfit.

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