How to Dress Elegantly Casual Casual elegance defined: casual (adj.): informal, happening by chance elegance (n): tastefully fine, luxurious; gracefully refined Casual elegance. The whole idea seems a bit contradictory. In fact, it’s true that we are blending two distinct

Winter Fashion Tips What exactly are winter fashion tips for women and how can those tips help you to dress warm and stylish? For most people winter is no season to wear skirts, shorts and dresses from the summer. There

Timeless Style The world of fashion changes every day and often it is necessary to get rid of the old to make room for the new. Many influential factors influence changes in trends and it’s a rare instance, especially in

How to Dress Simple But Stylish Key pieces for a stylish wardrobe; Foundation Garments. Don’t under-estimate the importance of what you wear underneath your clothes. Without the correct fitting bra, your clothes will not hang properly. Get measured professionally. Most

How to Create Outfits From Your Closet Creating outfits is a difficult and frustrating task when you have no idea where to start. All my life I have looked at my closet full of clothes and have had no idea

Slimming Clothes for Size 14 Every woman wants to look and feel good about herself. A sexy woman is not necessarily someone who is skinny, but a woman who wear her clothes with oozing confidence, whatever its size. So if

Clothing Stores for Late 20s Early 30s In the 1920’s, also known as the roarin’ twenties, a lot was going on. Most of it stemmed from prohibition. So major were the effects of prohibition, and the decision to implement it,