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Night Out Attire

The thought of going alone to city downtown in night may scare you, but not all downtowns are bad as reported in newspapers. If you happen to be living in good neighborhood or close to big city such as New York or San Francisco, your odds of finding good and safe dance clubs are higher. The question is how you go about organizing a night out in downtown. The first thing is the agreement between all friends about the night trip to downtown. This should be followed by agreement on the dance club, which you and your friend will be visiting.

Once all of you are in agreement about the place and time next thing is to decide how you all will be traveling to the destination. All of you will be driving alone to destination or settle for carpooling. Most of the party goers prefer going in carpool, that way you can have fun while travelling together and also it is safer to be together. Being together also gives you strength and power to face any ugly incident. Use your collective strength to rescue your friend.

Before starting for night out, decide on where you all will be having dinner, choose place close to Dance club. In case any shopping is planned, check any coupons are available for stores you will be visiting. The first rule for safe night out is to park car in safe and well lit parking lot. Secondly keep your cell phone always in on mode and with you. Third always walk on well lit roads, do not take alleys or back roads.

Having a good night out party is to finalize on place, eating joint, what dishes and the drinks you and your friends will like to take. You do not want to waste time in giving orders and scanning the menu etc. You can use this time to enjoy with your friends. This is the time also to open up with your friends and catch up with them for lost time.

After good meal and drink head to dance club for blast. Remember to carry your ID or driving licensee, most of the dance clubs will ask for identification proof for proving you are over the age of 18 years. That is the minimum age required to enter a dance club. Once inside hit the floor and dance on popular numbers. The mantra for good party is to choose good friends and then watch each others back to have fantastic and enjoyable girls night out party.

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