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Personal Stylist

Scrambling through your wardrobe? Trying to figure out “WHAT ON EARTH” you are going to wear to this upcoming event? Be it a corporate affair, first date, wedding? Or perhaps you are seeking a fresher image for your new lifestyle, and/ or newfound figure.

Well consider this…

A Personal Stylist can turn your current situation around! The have the know how of body shapes, how to dress for your lifestyle, corporate styling, image consulting, colour consulting… you name it! A total confidence boost, future styling knowledge and tips, and a wonderful shopping experience, that’s what is on offer when you seek a personal stylist.


Well consider how much money you will spend in search of that special something; that killer outfit that will “knock them dead”. Without the expertise and insider knowledge of a stylist, you will be relying on your basic knowledge, perhaps the dim lighting of the change rooms

and the untrained eye and advice of a sales assistant, rubbing her greedy little hands together thinking of her commission, not at all interested in whether the outfit they have just urged you to buy is actually flattering or suits your colouring or body shape, not to mention your own personal style.

Have you ever returned home from a shopping binge, tried on those so-called “OMG SLAMMING HOT” clothes and looked in the mirror, only to find someone that is definitely not YOU? Stuffed into a dress a few sizes too small, sprinkled with glitter and feet crammed into ridiculously sky high pumps that are just “so this season” but will only get worn once if you are lucky and that just cost your entire weeks wage? For two items??? WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? Never fear, you are not alone!

So you’re not happy with the outfit? You know you will probably never wear it, you will take it back, sometime in the next week. The weeks fly by. Your lifestyle doesn’t accommodate time for returns, nor does it call for this outfit! “ummmm I better hide this one from the fella!”

How about “BUT ITS SOOOOOOOO CHEAP” or “its on sale, so I better buy it, I’ll fit into in soon”?

Personal stylists know where to shop, they know what to spend those valuable dollars on and they know how to make your wardrobe work for your shape and lifestyle.


Personal stylists know what colours will flatter your hair colour, eye colour & skin tones, they know how to highlight your assets and downplay your weaknesses. They know how to create illusions with the figure. They can give you advice on image, help you with posture and confidence & give you a new lease on life.

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and can never find anything to wear? Do you find you need to go out every season and spend up a storm on the newest styles and shades only to realise that they don’t entirely suit your colouring, body shape and personal image? A personal Stylist can help you interpret and integrate these new styles into your wardrobe.

Accessories make a huge difference to any outfit. Too many accessories and you are in overkill. Your hairstyle, makeup & accessories all need to compliment your natural sense of style. Posture and confidence helps with how you carry the outfit! ” DON’T LET THE OUTFIT WEAR YOU!” A well-composed outfit will make you feel a million dollars, and you definitely do not need to spend this to create a special personalised look!

A Personal stylist will show you the basic items that every woman/man should have in their wardrobe. They will show you how to couple items to create a balanced & polished finish. You will be taught how to use accessories to completely change the look and feel of an outfit & how to get the most wear out of your clothes. They work with your specific budget and needs.

If you are particularly fond of a certain celebrity style, they can show you how to work certain items of the celebrity style into your own wardrobe, manipulating the items to suit your colouring and shape.

Personal stylists are always in tune with current trends and the great ones will also be able to predict future trends that will carry you into the next season and further.

Shopping takes time, effort & patience… having a personal stylist with you can make this “valuable time” more efficient. They will know which shops stock what styles, sizes, colours, and the price range that you are after. They can grab different sizes for you; suggest a different style to better suit your shape. They can effectively cut your shopping time down by half at least and don’t they always say “time fly’s when you’re your having fun”.

A personal stylist will leave you feeling capable and well equipped to surge on with future shopping trips. Most stylists will leave you with a personalised style profile full of hints and tips “YOUR STYLE BIBLE”.

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