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trunk club average cost

In early 2017, I returned to work full time after seven years as a freelancer. I have spent years writing with yoga pants and t-shirts that are originally questionable, and I really need refreshing clothes.

The problem: I hate shopping. So I switched to four clothing subscription box services whose ads signaled on my social media feeds: StitchFix, Le Tote, MM.LaFleur and Trunk Club. This service promises a box of clothes, perfect size and style for your specifications, sent to your doorstep for monthly or per-shipping costs ranging from $ 20 per shipment to $ 59 per month (plus clothing costs).

I turned on my computer and filled out a service style questionnaire or, in the case of the Trunk Club, sent messages to actual people, with many specifications. The StitchFix, Le Tote, and MM.LaFleur quiz takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Trunk Club Chat with the original stylist takes longer. William, my stylist, asked me about the wavelength I like, how I manage the clothes I have, and how I like my boss to fit.

From each service, I request items only black, gray, ivory or white, pink, red, and blue occasionally, and items that work with the rest of my “work uniform”, which includes black pants, flats and blazers or cardigan or dress, flat and blazer or cardigan.

This is what happened.

StitchFix, the most widely known of these services, offers a good range of products in each shipment, but the offer is a bit trendy for me, even after I asked for a more “conservative” item from my stylist. The dress of the colorblock they sent to me was too short for the office; Cardigan drape is open, too casual. Of all the items in my shipment – I tried this service more than once – I saved three: French black terry blazer by tarts ($ 128), black and white Henley silk blouse by 41 Hawthorne ($ 88) and black and white hi -more high by French Connection ($ 88), all of whom have found steady rotation in my closet. I’m still a Stitch Fix customer, but I don’t have another “Fix” schedule.