How to Dress Your Age 30
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How to Dress Your Age 30

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How to Dress Your Age 30

With fashion trends changing continuously, almost daily, I often ask myself: is there a rule like dressing your age?

First of all, fashion is not limited to clothes only. It reflects current events, picking up ongoing trends from street-style, melting with people, ideas, designs. So, why should the way someone wears a dress reflect someone’s age?

Today’s fashion is mixing elements taken from high-end labels together with affordable high street trends. It’s no longer something that is dictated by three or four fashion authorities. Never has the line between official fashion editors and bloggers been so thin- 14 year old blogger Tavi has something to say on the subject too!

Also, take for example recent collaborations of H&M with Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Matthew Williamson and Comme des Garcons: a sign that high fashion can be accessible almost to everyone- you just have to take your place in the queue and grab the key-piece of the season!

Mothers and daughters can easily borrow clothes from each other’s wardrobes, gone are the days when women in their forties wore “granny clothes”, no longer minding their hemline. It’s a bit about the pressure to remain young, yet to feel good in one’s own skin. Women today have gained more confidence, and enjoy navigating through fashion’s minefields and have fun, there are no strict rules and there is so much inspiration everywhere, it just depends on how you feel. You can wear anything and have it look your age, and you can still be fashionable as you get older. Most women tend to think that after the fiftieth birthday threshold, they have to wear different clothes – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have entered my forties and I can say that now I feel more confident about what I wear and how I feel when a wear a particular thing. I work in an office, but there is no strict dress-code, so each morning I open my closet and choose my winning combination. I never go for the overdressed, if a dress looks too elegant, I try to add something playful, like an interesting pair of socks, a necklace, or a bow instead of the usual belt. This season I’m into Alice bands, it’s my cherry on the cake, it always gives the final touch to each outfit. Rainy days do not have to be gloomy and grey: a polka dot trench and some colorful boots will do the trick and you’ll be singing in the rain!

Little tricks can be your ally in this game. If, for example you’d like to wear a short skirt, but your legs are not anymore in their twenties, try with a pair of thick tights, a nice pair of boots and go for it.

A romantic silky dress can be worn in the summer with bare legs and sandals, and you can combine it with a knitted cardigan, colorful wool tights and boots. It’s a look that goes well in the thirties, forties and fifties

Try rummaging a bit through your old stuff – vintage is great for mixing with new clothes and accessories. Sadly I don’t have much space in my closet, and neither an attic full of vintage pieces that belonged to my grandmother. I tend to buy a lot and frequently give away the things that I no longer wear. eBay is a great source of vintage stuff, and you can always find something unusual at good prices. That will make you feel unique, original and resourceful.

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