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Basic Style Clothing

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Basic Style Clothing

Clothing is an essential part of human society. This category is vast. It includes lots of fabric types and materials which clad one’s body. Its basic function is to protect the body from lots of things. They ensure that one is completely secure during a dangerous activity such as hiking or mountaineering. Clothing stands as obstruction between the body and the environment. It also retains hygiene by keeping germs away from the body.

A lot of cultural and social functions are identified with clothing too. For instance, a uniform identifies army figures or police, or they may also depict political alliances. A lot of clothing items show modesty, religion, gender ad social status. Clothing in various societies is used to express style or used a mean of decorating oneself.

Over the years the fabrics have evolved. They’ve seen a lot of stages. They started from leather and fur and then moved on to woven fabrics, and now the materials have changed into synthetic and natural. Clothing is as old as 650,000 years ago. Others argue that clothing did not really occur before the “New Stone Age”. Articles such as purses and jewelry are more of accessories or items that one takes for embellishment. Scarves, however, are a part of clothing which symbolize religion in some societies and it is also taken as fashion or a trend in others.

Clothing helps provide comfort to the wearer, which is one of the important functions of the article. In hot climates, the clothing is meant to protect the body from tan, sunburn, sunrays or even the wind. And during winters, the clothing acts as a cover and protection against the cold and dryness. Thin fabrics and fewer layers of clothes are worn in hot seasons, whereas thicker fabrics along with a number of layers, protects one from the cold. Shelter, for animals suffices the need.

A naked human body is exposed to many things that can harm it. Rain, wind, snow and sunrays are a few of those things which a person is likely to be exposed to in his life, which if he encounters without clothes is likely to cause damage to himself. Risks associated with work or activities such as playing sports can also be reduced with clothing. Even insects are one of those hazardous things that can hurt an individual without clothing. The environment is also protected if one wears clothes, as is the case with doctors who protect the environment by wearing medical scrubs.

A lot of clothes have no been invented so as to protect oneself from the hazards of working as well as hazards in the environment. Space suits is a very good example, it keeps one protected while floating in space, also providing the necessary oxygen instead of having the man intake the gases in space. Armor is another article which gladiators use during fights. This keeps them safe from the stabs and injuries caused during the fight. Clothing has served the purpose of protecting and also, a mean of creating a “fashion statement” at present.

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