How to Style Clothes You Already Have
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How to Style Clothes You Already Have

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How to Style Clothes You Already Have

If you’re a fashionista, then you’ll already know what’s hot and what’s not, and what you’ll be wearing this year. If you’d rather be stylish and comfortable than fashionable, then here’s what you need.

1. You’ll want something that makes you feel good, or an old favourite. Perhaps you’ve got an old jumper that you just can’t throw away, or a pair of shoes that make your feet hurt, but you love wearing them.

2. You’ll want plenty of pairs of shoes so that you’ve got something for every eventuality. You wouldn’t go to a wedding in your trainers, and you wouldn’t go to the gym in your best heels.

3. You’ll probably have several handbags so that you’ve got something that goes with whatever you’re wearing, for the time of year, or to carry everything you need. Your everyday handbag might be much bigger than your going out handbag.

4. The right watch and jewellery can really set off an outfit, and you might need to wear a watch for work too. Why not make sure that your watch goes with your outfits?

5. Designer swimwear might be seen as a luxury, but there’s no doubting that you’ll love the comfort of a well fitting bikini. You’ll have all eyes on you for the right reasons, and will look fantastic on the beach or by the pool on your next holiday.

6. You’ll want a nice summer dress or two to wear either on holiday or when it gets warm. Maybe you’ll choose something long and floaty, or something shorter to show off your tan.

7. A little black dress or something for those special occasions is essential, and a well fitting dress can last you for years. Even if you don’t go out as much as you used to, you can always find an excuse to look good!

8. The importance of a good coat can’t be underestimated. You might want to go for something stylish and warm, that looks good with any outfit, or you might go for something waterproof and windproof so that you stay warm and dry in the bad weather.

9. It can be really hard to find the right pair of jeans. Perhaps you wear jeans that don’t fit very well, or aren’t the style you want, or maybe you’ve never worn a pair of well fitting jeans. Once you’ve found the brand that fits you, there’s no going back.

10. You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve got something to lounge around in, when you’re not at work, in the gym or going out. Are your T shirts past their best? Could you wear those tracksuit bottoms in public? There’s nothing wrong with not looking your best all the time, but you’ll definitely want to look presentable.

Now you know what sort of clothing you need, have you got everything?

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