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New Wardrobe Shopping List

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New Wardrobe Shopping List

Building a wardrobe can be very fun. While many view the task as complex, it can prove to be very simple. Every woman’s wardrobe should include a few basic pieces. It is also important to purchase classic pieces that will never go out of style. Yes that trendy piece of clothing may be cheaper but it will not last as many seasons or years as the slightly more expensive classic piece. The items below are a great start for any lady that would like to build a new wardrobe:

1. Black Leather Pumps: If you need a pair of shoes that you can wear with just about anything, you can not go wrong with a basic black leather pump. In regard to heel sizes, a 2 ½ inch heel would work best.

2. Tailored White Shirt: Whether you are headed to worship service, an interview or a movie date, you can’t go wrong with a tailored white button down. This simple yet classic piece can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

3. A Black Suit: Every lady needs a suit on standby in the event she is called for a last minute interview. A basic black suit is the best option for suiting. It allows you the versatility to dress it up with accessories or wear minimal accessories for a more conservative look.

4. A Knee Length Jacket: Some outfits may require a jacket and some make require a longer, more formal overcoat. If you budget is tight, opt for a knee length jacket. This type of outwear can be worn in a casual manner as well as dressy.

5. Diamond Stud Earrings: This is a classic fashion accessory that compliments any outfit. Large or small, you can’t go wrong with diamond studs.

6. The Perfect Black Dress: If Mr. Right calls you to accompany him to his company’s banquet, would you have the perfect dress in your closet? A nicely cut black dress is a wardrobe essential for a woman’s closet. Something as simple as a sheath or nicely fitted dress can be dressed up nicely for many events with the right accessories.

7. Jeans that fit like a glove: When I say fit like I glove, I mean a nicely fitted glove and not a glove that is bursting at the seams. A classy lady would never dress is jeans that are too tight. However, it is nice to have jeans that compliment your figure.

8. Two nice handbags: While many frown upon high end designer bags, designer handbags make for wonderful day to day handbags. For example, the Louis Vuitton Speedy is built to resist the day to day wear and tear. While you may spend a little more on this bag, the years of use will prove to be well worth it. If high end designer bags are out of your budget, a nice leather handbag is also a great pick.

It is also great to have a formal handbag or clutch on hand in the event you attend a banquet or formal event.

9. Sexy Underwear: Half of how your look in your clothing is how you wear it. If you do not have properly fitting undergarments, it will show. Invest in a couple of bras that provide adequate support and coverage. You panty drawer should include a variety of cuts and styles of panties to include both thong underwear and seamless panties. Why ruin a perfect pair of fitted legging with a huge and unattractive panty line?

10. A String of Pearls and Matching Earrings: When I put my pearls on, I instantly look very classy. If you have a plain black dress, style and class can be added with a string of pearls. Pearls are a must in the jewelry box of the modern lady.

These ten things will not complete your wardrobe, but they will get you started. As you will learn, building a wardrobe can sometimes mean learning how to mix the same pieces of clothing for a different look. It can also be fun! Start with these few pieces today in establishing your new look.

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