How to Improve My Wardrobe
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How to Improve My Wardrobe

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How to Improve My Wardrobe

The first thing you need to do is take a step back and evaluate your wardrobe. What do you like the most? The least? We’re all guilty of wearing our “laundry day” clothes once in a while, but it better just be on laundry day! Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of dressing carelessly just because you’re running a little late or because you’ve convinced yourself that you just don’t care.

If you’ve realized that your closet is outdated it’s time to go shopping! Before you run into the streets to buy up similar clothing to what you already have take a breather, we have to start you off with a game plan. If you go into just about any store there are magazines up at the counter. Buy a copy of GQ, Maxim, or some other mens magazine that highlights clothing. Now, you don’t have to buy exactly what’s in the magazine but it’s nice to know what’s in style. And who knows, you can see something in the magazine that might look good on you–something you wouldn’t have found yourself in the store.

If you don’t have a lot of money to go shopping don’t worry, there are things you can do right now that can make your wardrobe look a little nicer. Start by organizing, hang up dress shirts, t-shirts, and jeans. If you notice anything is severely wrinkled or smelly now is a good time to do a load of laundry. Now it’s time to move onto shoes, most tennis shoes can survive a wash, boots can be shined, and so can dress shoes. If you have white shoes a bottle of shoe whitener costs about four dollars and is pretty easy to put on.

If you do have some cash that’s burning a hole in your wallet go to the mall, or your favorite store–it makes no difference to me. Keep in mind that no matter what your style is that the point of improving your wardrobe is just that, an improvement. Clothing should still reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable, but don’t be afraid to change things up every once in a while. Clothes don’t have to be expensive to fit properly and look good, but keep in mind the higher quality clothing costs more.

Stay away from bright colors, intense prints, and any outfits you would really have to “work” to pull off. If it’s too much of a hassle it’s never going to leave your closet, trust me–I’ve done it! Nice jeans are a staple to any wardrobe. Ask a sales associate for help if you’re a little stuck, trust me working in retail is terrible, and they can’t wait to find something to do. Jeans should be tight enough to stay up without a belt, but not so tight that you can no longer breath. Keep in mind that jeans shrink in the dryer, and most stretch a little over time. So if you don’t want them to shrink hang dry them, and if they start to stretch out throw them in the dryer. It’s a fun game.

No wardrobe should be an all t-shirt wardrobe. Even if you just start out getting one thing at a time it’s all right. A nice button up or collared shirt is essential, short sleeve or long sleeve it makes no difference. The shirt should come down to about the bottom of your belt loops on your jeans (about mid hip level). Beware of shirts that are too big/long, they look trashy and undermine any physical attributes you have. The more formal the outfit the more necessary to tuck the shirt in–but in most situations there is no need. Try wearing a nice pair of slacks or dark denim jeans with a belt, and a nice shirt. You’ll be able to change your style as you see fit, the more formal the occasion just wear a nicer shirt and you’ll be fine.

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