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Work Wardrobe 2018

Home-based businesses are on the rise and a huge number of them are female-run. That means that the working wardrobe of more and more women is changing and is not as it was when they worked at a 9-5 job. The question is, should you be concerned about what you wear if you are not in public everyday? Of course you should because the most important person in the world sees you – you. When you look good, you feel good and that reflects in your productivity and how you relate to people. If you dress like you are ready for work you will take your work more seriously and be more productive.

Even if you work at home and are not seen everyday by most of your clients, from time to time you will step out into public. Being with people doing day-to-day tasks is a great time to promote your business and make contacts. As far as the people you meet are concerned, you are your business. Studies show that when we first meet people we make instant judgments about their personality, intelligence and level of self- confidence simply by their appearance. What judgments do you want to be made about you and your company? The good news you can influence those judgments simply by taking care of your appearance.

To create a good impression and feel good while you work you will want to dress comfortably but also be ready for clients that may show up unexpectantly. You can do this by wearing a nice blouse and pants and top it off with a vest. Wear pants that are made from a soft, non-wrinkle material so you will feel comfortable. Or wear a twin set with pants and you will look well dressed. Both outfits require very little jewelry.

For days when you know you will be going out wear a black top and pants at home, but before you leave to meet clients add a jacket (in one of your best colors) and you will be well dressed and feel more confident. Or wear a turtleneck in your best color and add a jacket of the same color when you leave your home office.

Take care to look after essentials like hair and makeup as you would if you were dressing for any work environment. When your clients or prospective clients see you, whether is at your home office or at a meeting, if you look like you take care of yourself they will feel confident that you will be able to take care of their needs. They will also be more likely to respect your time, your product and your services.

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