How to Dress for Pear Body Type
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How to Dress for Pear Body Type

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How to Dress for Pear Body Type

Another body type commonly referenced is a “pear” body type. This body type is typically found in women, and refers to women whose hips are the largest part of their bodies. In olden days, these women were viewed more favorably, as their hips appeared more capable of safely birthing children. Now many woman today complain about the size of their hips in relation to the rest of their bodies, going so far as to referring to them as “thunder thighs”.

As with any body type the trick is to draw the eyes away from the largest part of your body, in this case the hips. To draw the eyes upwards accentuate your smaller waist by wearing items fitted around your waist as opposed to your hips. A wrap dresses or a cinched belt at the waist is an easy way to accentuate your waist.

You can also draw eyes upwards by accentuating your bust or shoulders. This will also help balance out the proportions of your body’s appearance. This can be achieved by wearing blouses and shirts with details, color, varying textures and patterns. For example look for tops with details like fitted shoulders, or puffy sleeves. Necklines can also be used to accentuate your bust or shoulders. A dipped neckline like a “V” neck or scoop neck will accentuate your bust while a yoke neck or a scoop neck will accentuate your shoulders.

When dressing a “pear” body type you want to avoid anything that sits on your hips or is fitted or tight around your hips as this will accentuate that part of your body making it look bigger. This means that those “hip-hugger” jeans are out of the question for you. Instead, wear jeans that are more flared at the bottom. To create a slimmer look, try straight leg jeans. Draw the eyes down and away from your hips with “A” line and flared skirts. Empire waist dresses will also look good on a pair shape, as it drape over a “pear” body type hips without being overly fitted.

Remember to avoid anything overly fitted around your hips or that sits on your hips as this will emphasize the size of them. To this effect, avoid pencil skirts and skinny jeans. Or if you’re really into the skinny jean or legging look, pair it with a longer tunic top that drapes over the hips hiding the form fitting nature of the pants.

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