Work Wardrobe On A Budget
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Work Wardrobe on A Budget

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Work Wardrobe on A Budget

You want to dress like a real estate mogul, but your budget says to dress like minion (even then, you would have to find those cute little overalls on sale). So what do you do when you have aspirations of being a million-dollar real estate agent but your wardrobe has reached an affordability crisis point?

In a real estate market, there is a potential for a market to reach an affordability crisis, meaning the price of an average home skyrockets so high that average families can no longer afford homes. It makes your job as a real estate agent a lot tougher.

However, this article deals with the concept that your career aspirations skyrocket to new heights, yet your appearance is not quite keeping pace with your career goals. What do you do when you have Kobe beef taste but a top ramen budget?

Below are some solutions for when you hit that affordability crisis point in your work wardrobe.

Be willing to drive out of the way for a great deal. Many designers have outlet stores, and you can find some great deals on high-quality pieces. However, outlets are typically located outside major cities and sometimes in the middle of the desert. Grab some coffee, put on your favorite playlist, and put the petal to the medal to head to outlets.

Tailoring makes anything look more expensive. If you can’t afford the nice suit right now, try buying a suit more within your price range and paying additional funds to a tailor. You will find that better fitting clothes will not only make you look prettier but also look like you paid a pretty penny for them.

Vintage is the new black. It’s not used – it’s vintage! Want Prada for under $100? Then shop at consignment stores and vintage clothing stores for great finds. Shopping for just the right pieces can eat up a lot of time, so make a day out of it and actually stop and eat while you ponder which hunting ground you will hit up next.

Unfortunately, a career in real estate is going to require an investment in how you look. Your likeness is going to appear on your business cards, marketing materials, and website as well as when you meet prospective clients for the first time. Hitting an affordability crisis can be overcome with a lot of creativity and some willingness to invest time in managing your professional appearance.

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