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Semi Casual Attire

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Semi Casual Attire

The long-preserved and strict rules of wearing only formal dresses seem to be dying out. They are slowly giving way to once “unacceptable” semi-casual dresses. These dresses are no longer taboo on the office premises.

Interestingly, they are being approved by those who hold the high ranks. They don’t seem to raise their eyebrows any longer on this changing trend. This “just in” semi-casual attitude has added many colors and spices to a very formal (read colorless) environment of the offices.

The office goers, around the world, are shedding their full sleeve shirts and formal pants with a distinct enthusiasm. Even, the neckties have become pretty optional ones. The professionals at all places are not reluctant, even slightly, to join this latest bandwagon.

On office days, a polo neck t-shirt coupled with a well-fit pant is a common rage. Many are putting on jeans with stylish striped shirts. The ladies are showing a special liking for straight skirts along with some light colored semi-casual tops.

But amazingly, this “unconventional” norm too has got its “conventions”. These rules help a wearer to remain on the right track of semi-formalism. Otherwise, the wearer may creep into the realm of extreme casual dress sense.

The plain colored shirts, not bright red, deep orange or printed ones, can be paired with jeans or chinos. The striped pants and flattering skirts must be avoided. They give a boring look. The excess of jewelry is bad. A light color pearled necklace will suffice.

The wearers profoundly explain the benefits of wearing semi-formals in the offices. They believe wearing semi-casuals make them comfortable, and allows them to look dashing.

But what they forcefully emphasize is that these dresses enhance their productivity. They accept that they seem to be more active in semi-casual apparel.

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