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Pumps Outfit

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Pumps Outfit

Pumps are known as one of the most popular shoe styles for women. Although way back in history, pump shoes were originally worn by men because of their low heel, closed back, seamless front and the fact that they are really easy to wear. But today, their practicability, versatility, and style come in many designs including animal prints that look very stylish. For that, if you’re one of the girls who want to show off their wild side, learn these rules about wearing pumps:

Rule # 1

Know The Occasions. The occasion or the event of which you are going to attend is the most basic information you have to note before wearing an outfit. It is for the reason that it will help you determine your mood and style in pairing your clothes. By knowing what kind of occasion you are going to it will help you show your glamor even with a simple look. Like for instance, you are being invited into a friend’s party of which one of the guests are your boss. In this case, you can still show off your style by wearing stylish pumps like leopard print pumps. Pumps go well in any occasion especially like the one mentioned.

Rule # 2

Express Your Mood. If you are happy, excited, alive and wild then express it through your pumps. Usually, pumps with colored prints set a perfect mood. Prints like the leopard print pumps express the wild attitude inside you while maintaining the controlled personality.

Rule # 3

The designs of your stylish pumps must have to pair well with your size and body type in order to guide you with appropriate designs. For example, thinner print stripes of a point pump looks better for a bigger body type while bigger print stripes of seamless pumps will be better for thinner ones.

Rule # 4

Next are the simple, plain and consistent colored tops. Pairing tops with the pair of shoes is usually the crucial point in choosing your outfit. Since, you want to show off your new stylish pumps it is suggested that you have to give emphasis solely on the pumps. You can do this by wearing simple, plain and consistent colored tops.

Rule # 5

Pair with Leggings or Skinny Jeans. Since pumps are versatile, it can go well with any tops. But if you are wearing printed pumps like leopard print pumps, then a black leggings or skinny jeans will emphasize your shoes.

Rule # 6

No extra accessories. You don’t have to add any printed accessories on your outfit such fur scarfs with prints. It will just overdo your look. Remember this, whenever you want to wear pumps with a printed styles, let it carry the look and don’t add anything that will compete to its design.

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