What to Wear with Tan Heels
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What to Wear With Tan Heels

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What to Wear With Tan Heels

All women simply love high heel shoes. They have been a favorite of all women since a long time. Sometimes they see a drop in demand but sooner than later, their demand surges again. The reason these shoes are so popular is because they make a woman look extremely hot. Especially if a woman wears them with certain clothes, she will surely be the center of attraction at a party or any other event. According to many women, their confidence level increases when they are wearing shoes with these.

In fact, this is also because almost all men have the desire to see women in high heel shoes. According to them, it simply increases the woman’s beauty. Like any other popular invention, there are many different stories about the origins of these. Some people credit the Egyptians with creating these shoes. The story behind it is gory as it is thrilling. It is said that the butchers there used to wear these shoes so that they would not get blood on them. It is also believed that some horse riders in ancient times used to wear these shoes as it gave them more grip and power while riding horses and hence reducing any chances of their falling down.

Well, one doesn’t know for sure but even if these stories are true, these shoes have come a long way. Today, they are associated with smart and attractive looking women who are confident of themselves and their bodies. In fact many women find these shoes to be very therapeutic. They feel that the best way to beat the blues is to wear shoes no matter where you are going. All the attention turns to women who are wearing these heels and that makes them feel desired. And who in this world doesn’t like the feeling of being desired?

The best thing about high heels is that they can be worn to multiple occasions. Many women love wearing them to the office. There is nothing like a fitted formal dress teamed with a pair of high heels. This combination makes women look extremely hot. It is no wonder that many women like wearing high heel shoes no matter where they go. Well, you can pretty much wear these shoes on all occasions except a few for example while going to the beach. But there are so many other occasions when you can wear heels and show off your well-toned body to people and become the center of admiration.

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