Types Of Sweaters
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Types of Sweaters

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Types of Sweaters

Everyone likes to look stylish and trendy these days and for that they wear latest clothes and accessories. Women, who always try and enhance their wardrobe with latest accessories and clothing, are more after sweaters and jackets these days. Women’s sweaters are an essential item in their wardrobe. These sweaters come in different colours and styles that flatter each body type and skin tone. It is vital for a stylish girl or women to have number of sweaters for different occasions. Let us talk about how you can select different types of sweater for women to flatter every body shape.

V- Neck sweaters

V- Neck sweaters can suit almost every type of body shape and is a must for every wardrobe. These sweaters will flatter especially those women who have a bigger bust. Not just the women with bigger bust, the women with smaller bust can also worn with V- Neck sweaters in style.

Poncho type sweaters

The women having more flesh on their upper bodies can opt for a sweater that minimises their upper body part. There are sweaters that can wrap around your body like a poncho on the bodies of women.

These sweaters can help in making your upper body appear slimmer, which will surely make you look good. Besides making you look great, this type of sweater will also minimise the appearance of a wide shoulder. Keep in mind, in order to give an impressive look to your body pair these sweaters with straight leg pants and in case you have thin legs, opt for skinny jeans.


Cardigans too are an impressive piece of clothing that can cover big hips and butts. But these clothing must be long enough to completely cover your hips and butts in order to give you a slimmer appearance.

You can try out a black cardigan, which will make your upper body and hip area look at least 2 sizes lesser. Similarly, if your bust size is smaller, you can wear one side off the shoulder sweaters that have horizontal stripes. These sweater types can surely confuse the eyes of the people.

People with bigger bust shouldn’t attempt this style, as it can make you look bigger.

Sweaters with ornaments

It is also a great option to wear sweaters with a variety of ornaments on the chest. This is a sure- shot way to give illusion of a bigger bust and it also makes you feel that the size of your bust is actually bigger than what you think. Huge horizontal stripes in bright colours are also very flattering for a girl or women, as they are very skinny on the top with a small chest regardless of style.

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