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Black Tunic Top

Tunics and longline tops have been a very popular fashion trend over the past year and in recent months. This hot trend is till going strong, and the tunic will continue being a must have item this Spring and Summer season.

Versatility and comfort are the two elements which I think make tunic tops such a popular item with women. However, I meet quite some women from time to time who seem to be a little confused about this style of top, and are not exactly sure how they can it. Most of all they are not sure with what they should pair their tunic top.

So I’ve decided to share some ideas on how to wear your tunic top and be stylish while doing so!

1. Leggings

The first item that comes to mind that you can definitely wear with any tunic or longline top is a pair of leggings. These days you can find a variety of different style leggings, in a multitude of colors as well as prints. So you will surely have no problem finding a pair of leggings to match your tunic top. I recommend stocking up on one, or two, pairs of basic leggings which you will be able to pair up with many different tunics, and can work both for casual and more elegant or party occasions.

2. Jeggings

Jeggings are very similar to leggings in style, therefore would go very well when worn with a longline top. Of course jeggings though are made from denim fabric, or at least faux denim fabric, and give the effect of skinny jeans. Similar to a pair of black leggings, a pair of dark jeggings can easily be paired up with a variety of colors and styles of tunic tops.

3. Crops Leggings or Jeans

If you have casual style tunics, especially short-sleeved ones which are perfect for the Summer months, then you might want to consider stocking up on a pair of cropped leggings or jeans. Both of these will go very well with you tunic top, and will help you create a fun and fresh Summer outfit, effortlessly,

4. Opaque Tights

Another great item to wear your tunic top with, which you might not immediately think about, is a pair of tights… preferably opaque tights of course. When wearing your tunic with tights, make sure you top is long enough, and arrived to just above your knee to make sure you are always properly covered, even when sitting down for example. Tights come in a variety of different colors and textures, therefore finding a pair to match you tunic should be a breeze.

5. Regular Jeans

Although I prefer (and would strongly suggest) wearing tunic tops with tighter bottoms such as my suggestions above, you can still wear your longline top with a regular pair of jeans. If you have a pair of skinny jeans, all the better!

So there you have it! The 5 key items you can pair your tunic top with. Of course make sure you accessorize your outfits accordingly, depending on the occasion. I would recommend anything from flats, and wedges, to heels, again all depending on where you’re going. Experiment with accessories too! I love wearing chunky, long necklaces when wearing my tunic tops to add texture and colors.

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