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Modest Women’s Clothing

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Modest Women’s Clothing

Turning modern chic fashion into modest women’s clothing can be very simple with the right clothing pieces and knowledge. Today’s chic fashion tends to be sleeveless, short-sleeved, too low-cut and/or too short. This makes chic fashion overall too revealing for today’s modest women. This can make dressing fashionable very frustrating. Some women just give up dressing fashionable and settle for simple basic clothing. This is not necessary.

The staples for turning modern chic fashion into modest women’s clothing are: layering tees, cardigans or shrugs and leggings.

Layering tees should be form-fitting so they fit smoothly under clothing. They should also be extra long in length. The best place to find this type of layering tee is DownEast Basics. They have them available in various sleeve lengths and colors. Some even have lace trim on the bottom. Layering tees work well under tanks and camis to add sleeves and under tops that are too low-cut or too short in length. They can either be worn un-tucked to add length to a top or tucked in to provide extra coverage when needing to bend down.

Cardigans and shrugs can be paired with tanks and camis to cover bare shoulders. Don’t be afraid to wear a top with a layering tee under it and a cardigan on top. This can add a great layering effect. Cardigans come in many styles and colors. They can have a v-neck or crew neck and the sleeves can be short, long or mid-length. They can be worn completely unbuttoned or partially buttoned. Avoid wearing them fully buttoned because this can give you a preppy look instead of the chic look that you’re wanting. Shrugs add a little more dressy look to an outfit and can also be found in many lengths and colors.

You can wear your fun tops with a pair of skinny jeans to help give you a chic modern look. Dark blue denim is always a good choice. Jeans with heavy, contrasting stitching add visual interest. You could also go with colored skinny jeans such as black or gray.

For shoes, you can choose from flats, heels or strappy sandals with a wedge or heel. It all depends on your preference and where you will be going in your outfit.

Leggings are great for adding under dresses and skirts that are just too short. They also add a nice trendy look. Leggings come in full length or cropped and there are many colors available to coordinate with your favorite dress or skirt. For a chic and slightly 80s look, wear a pair of cropped leggings under a pair of shorts that would otherwise be too short.

Adding prints to your outfit creates a nice visual look. A big trend right now are animal prints. You could also try flowers, polka dots, strips, tie died or sublimation. Just make sure you only wear one patterned piece of clothing at a time and have the rest be coordinating solid colors. Otherwise, you’ll look too busy. Some ideas are: a zebra striped cardigan with a solid colored top, a sublimation top with a solid colored cardigan or leopard print shoes with a solid colored outfit.

Don’t forget to accent your outfit with some fun costume jewelry. Long necklaces tied in a knot in 1920s style or with a pendant are nice. You could also wear stacked bracelets or a big cocktail ring. Be careful not to over do it. Just one piece of accent jewelry is usually best. Headbands and clips can add a nice touch to your hair style. Look for ones with flowers, feathers, sequins, etc.

Summer can be a tough time for today’s modest women. You want to dress for hot weather, but you want to wear modest clothing. In the summer, wear Capri’s or Bermuda Shorts. They can be found in many styles and colors to best suit you. Another option are knickers. They have been showing up in fashion a lot lately. At the pool, wear a tankini swimsuit. They are fun because you are able to mix and match them like a bikini, but provide a lot more coverage. For a swimsuit cover-up, try a longer kimono style cover-up. They will usually have sleeves.

Don’t let dressing in chic modest clothing be scary, it can be fun. It gives you lots of layering and mix and match options. It also allows you to be more creative than the average chic women gets to be.

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