Fashion Corner

Ways to Wear Business Casuals and Look Non-Boring What is business casual? Business casual is the myth of working in comfort on Fridays. The problem is comfort has become careless, reckless and downright foolish. Unless you’re Steve Jobs, Bill Gates,

ELEGANT SKIRT OUTFITS FOR WORKING WOMEN Ladies skirts are a stylish, feminine and versatile pieces of clothing. In the summer they are comfortable and cool and in the winter can be worn with tights for an elegant but cosy outfit.

Winter Outfits with Sneakers 1. Sneakers give good foot support. Sneakers with rubber soles minimize impact and shock from running, walking, and other vigorous activities like climbing and dancing. These give stability and control to prevent the foot, ankle, and

Wrap Dress for Work Since being introduced about forty years ago, the wrap dress has become very popular and a strong favorite among women from all walks of life and every age group imaginable. Most women love to wear clothing

Thanksgiving Outfit Casual Yes, turkey day is upon us again and with all the planning, traveling and cooking you’re doing, thinking about what to wear is probably the furthest thing from your mind. Even I don’t usually plan my Thanksgiving

Mens Style Guide I’m sure you’ve noticed that all over magazines, TV and the internet lately, the focus is on fall, fall, fall. We’re starting to think about football, Thanksgiving and all of the other terrific things that autumn brings.